Getting Screenshots
Getting Help
Don't Reply
Block Them
Report them
Take a Break
Change Account
Dark Web
Staying safe test
1. Take Screenshots.
If you feel like you have some evidence that you would like to keep hold of, take a screenshot of it. This will allow the police to know what has happened and help you. Do not delete any converations. An example where proof is needed
2. Get someone to help.
Don't just bottle it up and live with it, you need to tell someone. This "someone" could be a parent, a teacher, a friend or anyone else who you think would help.
3. Don't Reply.
That is what the bully wants. Replying will increase the confidece of the bully and, if anything, just make it worse.
4. Block them.
Make sure that you block them, most social media make this button obvious. As soon as you do this, they will no longer be able to make contact with you.
5. Report them.
Similar to step 4, you are able to report them. This will let the social media company know that they are bullying you and stop them.
6. Take a break.
If you feel like you are too tied up in the situation, take a break from technology. Do something else, let your mind focus elsewhere. This will allow you to think straight.
7. Change your account.
If you keep on getting harassed via your account, or the bully keeps making new fake accounts, delete your currant one and make a new one. Only give it to a select amount of friends. Only do this in the worst case senario.
Make sure at all times that you have a (legitimate) virus defender and remover on your computer. This means that your computer is a lot less likly to be vulnerable to attack. Always keep it up to date for the best protection
A lot of the internet is not safe for people under a certain age, such as pornographic material. To prevent accidentally going onto these websites, use a safe search engine or a filter.
Identity theft.
A large proportion of the websites are out there to take your identity. When you are giving out personal information, make sure it a legitimate website. To check, google the website to see if it is safe.
Some places may take your money and run off with it. Make sure that the website is legitimate. Also, don't download any software that a website is telling you to download as it probably is going to be malware.
Always make sure when giving out your credit/debit card information to check that someone is not going to take it and use it to their advantage.
Dark Web.
It is very hard to find yourself on the Dark Web, but when you do, you should get off it. Most of the content on the dark web is illegal and you should not be on there.